FestivalForGood Conversation 9: Making Diversity Count: Finding Ways For Inclusion in the Community

Conversations is a series of talks and panel discussions as part of FestivalForGood 2020 on topics regarding the social enterprise sector, social impact, and doing good in Singapore. We hope to spread awareness about social enterprises and social issues in Singapore, as well as engage members of the public in meaningful discussions about how we can make Singapore a better place for all.

This conversation is organised as part of FestivalForGood 2020, Asia's largest celebration of Social Enterprises, and the social impact they created. More information on FestivalForGood can be found at https://www.festivalforgood.sg The virtual FestivalForGood is brought to you by raiSE, in partnership with DBS Foundation. South Beach Consortium is the virtual venue partner.

Conversation 9: Making Diversity Count: Finding Ways For Inclusion in the Community

Panelists will share about the diversity of impact areas and beneficiary groups that Social Enterprises work with and how they each are a #partofthegood. How do Social Enterprises address social issues with solutions to also empower beneficiaries? Through sharing of their experiences, the panel will also explore issues such as identifying the right work and skills to engage beneficiaries, adapting the work environments for them as well as coming up with solutions for both inclusion and diversity in the community.

Who Will Be Speaking?

Moderator: Casper Ng - Head, Sector Engagement & Capacity Building, raiSE
Casper oversees the growth of the SE ecosystem in Singapore to create greater social and environmental impact. Concurrently, Casper drives capacity building initiatives to strengthen the sector. Casper had served as Head (Social Finance) to leverage on grants and investments mechanisms to scale social impact through sustainable SEs.
Before raiSE, he pioneered Pumpkin Lab at NCSS, to effect human-centred, sustainable and scalable solutions through design-led Innovation to the social service sector. He was also the Executive Director in THR 454 Investment Pte Ltd where he managed a number of portfolios. In the Ministry of Transport, Casper’s key roles were in policy, international relations and organisational excellence.
In his personal capacity, Casper serves as the Chairman on the Board of a charity/society.

Mike Momota - Assistant General Manager, Sumitomo Life Insurance
Mike Momota joined Sumitomo Life Insurance in 1999. Since then, he’s experienced customer relationship, marketing, product development, strategic planning and is currently leading innovation projects both in Tokyo and Singapore. Mike launched TomoWork, an initiative for disability inclusion, in 2019 in Singapore. He has led his team and local partners to run accelerators for the disabled to provide them with relevant corporate project experience, mentoring and networking opportunities.
Mike is a certified Financial Planner (1st Grade) and has BA from Kyoto University. He is also a co-author of “Facilitative Business Transformation” (Nikkei Publishing; 2020).

Leon Toh - Co-Founder, Eden and Elie
Leon Toh joined EDEN + ELIE as a Co-Founder in 2018, after being inspired by the brand’s design-centered, socially focused jewellery and mission to empower communities in need in Singapore. Concurrently, Leon leads an impact investment firm, Damson Capital, which invests in, grows and scales social enterprises seeking to achieve the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals. Leon also serves on the board of directors and as an advisor to various social enterprises and non-profit organisations in the areas of Education, Water & Sanitation, Technology for Good, Start-up Development and Rural Development.

Bernard Chan - Consultant, Iron Nori
Mr Bernard Chan is an Investment Advisory Director in iFAST Global Markets, managing investments and trust funds. He sits in boards of social enterprises and F&B groups manned by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs); focusing on the consultancy for the Iron Nori group of special-needs restaurants and bistros. The combined knowledge of investment planning, corporate giving, and business consultancy allows him to manage finances and investment portfolios for individuals and corporates. Bernard is a special needs parent, thus giving him the skills set to empathise and communicate with the differently-abled community.

Elisa Lim - Founder, Will & Well
Fashion is one of the many mediums to social innovation. Elisa started with a passion in the craft of clothes making, but when she pursued her studies in fashion she realised luxury fashion didn’t quite resonate with her. She began questioning her place in the fashion industry. That disconnect led to what it is of Will & Well today, founded to improve our lives by changing the way we wear clothing. Many elements of modern clothing like buttons and back zippers have not been updated for centuries. And these inconveniences are further amplified for people with disabilities. Applying design thinking and technology, Will & Well creates a new way to wear clothing by marrying fashion and function.

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